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Utilisation de l'aluminium pour une maîtrise totale de la chaîne de valeur des produits aluvy avec recyclage des barbecues

Our recycled and recyclable BBQ

How to recycle your BBQ ? 

ALUVY is a Digital Native Vertical Brand (DNVB). This means that we have decided to control the entire value chain of our design BBQ, from upstream to downstream, from design to distribution. Since we produce and distribute our products ourselves, we can decide to produce the right number of products, without producing unnecessarily, without "over-stocking".


Our BBQ are made largely from aluminium in our factories. This metal has the incredible characteristic of being infinitely recyclable. This means that it is sufficient to melt down parts already manufactured to obtain a liquid metal that will be available again and injected into moulds to make new parts.

In fact, this is what happens every day in our factories. Parts with quality defects are grouped together and form scrap. These scraps are melted down again and provide available material.


Recycling our BBQ is a strong commitment we make to you.

When our BBQ are at the end of their life, we commit to come and collect them from you to recycle the aluminium just as we recycle our scraps.

The cost of recovering the BBQ from you will be fully covered by ALUVY.


Our BBQ are not only made of aluminium. However, the partners that we have selected to work with materials that we do not master are local partners who are committed to working with us. The plastic of the handles of our LULU BBQ, for example, is also recyclable. Together with our partner, we will recycle it, just like the stainless steel that makes up the rest of the parts of our BBQ.

Our business is not an ecologically neutral activity. It requires industrial processes that have a real impact on the environment. However, we try to do everything we can to ensure that our products promote responsible consumption.

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