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Brochettes ananas caramélisés et crevettes avec accompagnement de salade cuisson barbecue ou plancha

4 original recipe ideas to test on the BBQ !

Grills, cheeses, vegetables or desserts... When you have a barbecue like LULU or MARCEL with the possibility of cooking on the grill AND on plancha, the possibilities are endless! That's good, because at ALUVY, we love to break codes and innovate with dishes that are out of the ordinary. Here are 4 ultra-simple recipe ideas to surprise your guests every time.

A melting camembert on the BBQ

We dreamed of it! Camembert is already pure happiness served on a platter. Then on a BBQ grill, the pleasure is tenfold... All you need is a Camembert in its wooden box and a few slices of farmhouse bread.

Then :

1. remove the paper wrapping around the camembert and put it back in its box ;

2. wrap it in aluminium foil ;

3. place the cheese on a grill over the embers with your slices of bread ;

4. wait about 10 minutes ;

5. serve your Camembert flowing as you wish with the toasted bread. Guaranteed success !

Pineapple skewers with caramel

Skewers are good with meat, but not only! To break the routine, we suggest you make a caramelised dessert with pineapple.

Nothing could be simpler :

1. cut pieces of pineapple and cover them with sugar ;

2. Slide them on skewers ;

3. caramelise them on your plancha or BBQ grill (your choice !).

That's it, you have a delicious dessert in a few minutes! To perfect it, add lemon juice, rum or icing sugar as you wish.

Toasts of grilled peaches with burrata

It's the heavenly association that makes your mouth water for sure. Our method to achieve this delight ?

1. cut slices of bread and peaches ;

2. Brush them with olive oil and add salt and pepper ;

3. grill them for about 2 minutes on each side on your BBQ. The peaches should be softened (but not completely soft) and the bread should be crispy ;

4. Place half of the burrata on a slice of bread and add the pieces of grilled peaches ;

5. serve and enjoy immediately !

Skewers of peppers and chorizo with honey

A sweet-salty blend that will make you melt! The recipe is very simple :

-  Thread your pieces of peppers and chorizo on a skewer ;

-  cook your skewers on your barbecue grill for about 2 minutes, until crispy ;

-  when ready, arrange them on a dish and add a drizzle of honey, salt and paprika.

Pure happiness for your taste buds! A perfect recipe idea as an appetizer or starter.


Whatever the season, LULU and MARCEL will accompany you to prepare simple but original recipes. By the way, maybe you have some ideas for us? Share them on social networks... We're delighted to see your photos !

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