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How to make your barbecue grill sparkle? Our tips that work!

Now you're ready to treat your friends and family to grilled meat, kebabs, hamburgers and more... But before you get out the big game, your BBQ grill may need a wipe!

To make your LULU or MARCEL shine, you need to pamper it! The first step? Clean your grill and remove any small residues that stick to it. To remedy this, here are our simple tips to restore its shine in the blink of an eye.

The onion 

Yes, the onion also acts as a degreaser. Our tip? Rub half of the onion on the hot grill. A quick way to easily remove stuck-on grease residues. Then wipe it off with soapy water and that's it!


Spray white vinegar on your BBQ grill and scrub with our cleaning brush. Don't have an accessory? Don't worry: aluminium foil rolled into a ball (shiny side out) also works well for scraping off dirt.


Otherwise, bring out the best in your BBQ with a special brush. Our ALUVY accessory guarantees simple and effective cleaning without ever damaging your grill.

Baking soda

Nothing could be easier : sprinkle baking soda with a little water. Then scrub the grill with a sponge or brush until it regains its shiny appearance.

Water vapour 

There's nothing like steam to get rid of stubborn grease. When your BBQ begins to cool, cover your grill with water-soaked newspaper. Close the lid and wait half an hour before cleaning.  


You probably know it, that little leftover beer left on the table and ending up in the sink. To avoid wasting it, pour it on your grill while it is still hot and rub it. The grease residue will be gone in no time at all!

The warmth

To char the dirty residues and make them easier to clean, light your barbecue at a high temperature for 15 minutes. Then scrub with a ball of old newspaper or a brush. 

A drop of detergent

To wash your grill in the shortest possible time, simplify the task with a super detergent. A great ally to make your BBQ grill sparkle and make cleaning a (nearly) pleasant step.

The dishwasher... quite simply!

If the size of your dishwasher allows it, there's no need to worry about it. Simply remove large residues by hand and start an intensive programme. To make cleaning even easier, ALUVY only offers half racks. Ease: 1 - Cleaning difficulty: 0.


That's it, your BBQ grill is clean as it was on the first day and ready for new culinary adventures. By the way, what are your tips for cleaning your grill? Warm up your ideas with comments!


Would you like to get to know MARCEL, the charcoal BBQ? Or rather LULU, our plancha gas BBQ? At ALUVY, our products are made of aluminium, a resistant and recyclable material. To prepare your best dishes, our BBQ combine design, versatility and originality, and can be personalised according to YOUR desires. What's more, we love to discover and share your photos on our social networks!

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