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Brochettes de maïs grillé cuites au barbecue avec beurre et parmesan sur planche en bois

BBQ : what to serve as an accompaniment ?

You are about to organise an open-air feast and are still hesitating about your side dishes ? Exit the fries and the traditional pasta salad, ALUVY offers you to break the codes with ideas that are out of the ordinary. And to avoid going back and forth in the kitchen, our 3 recipes can be prepared in a few minutes directly with LULU and MARCEL !

Grilled corn with butter and parmesan cheese

A side dish that is easy to prepare, absolutely exquisite, and which will complement your grilled meats wonderfully! For this reason :

  1.  Brush your corn cobs with butter and sprinkle them with salt and pepper ;
  2.  Brown them on your barbecue grill at medium temperature for about 20 minutes ;
  3.  Close the cooking dome until the grains become soft, but remember to turn them over regularly during cooking ;
  4. Once the ears are well toasted, add a knob of butter, parmesan and chives ;
  5.  Remove from heat and serve !

Aluvy's tip : to enhance the flavour of the corn and vary the pleasures, prepare different cobs with your choice of lime juice, garlic powder, chilli, sweet paprika, feta, coriander, or a little chilli pepper. The possibilities are endless !

Crispy vegetables with basil vinegar 

A simple, healthy and tasty accompaniment for an explosion of flavours in the mouth ! To make this recipe, cut your favourite vegetables into pieces : red, green or yellow peppers, courgette, mushrooms, cauliflower... Then :

  1.  Heat the grill or the plancha of your BBQ on a medium heat (your choice !) ;
  2.  In a large bowl, mix your vegetables with olive oil, salt and pepper ;
  3.  Arrange the vegetables on the grid of your LULU or MARCEL in a single layer ;
  4.  Cook for about 5 minutes on each side until tender and toasted ;
  5.  Arrange them on a plate and add your basil vinaigrette.

To make your vinaigrette, nothing could be simpler : mix fresh basil with olive oil, salt and garlic. For a surprising sweet/savoury mix, top it off with honey !

Grilled potatoes with bacon

Barbecue grilled potatoes with bacon, cheese... The recipe makes us salivate just by writing it down ! Be careful, you may well get the whole family hooked. To prepare this divine side dish :

  1.  Cut the potatoes into slices ;
  2.  Put them in a foil wrapper ;
  3.  Add cream, bacon (previously grilled on your plancha), cream, grated cheese and fresh parsley ;
  4.  Close the papillotes and pierce with a fork ;
  5.  Cook on the barbecue for about 20 minutes ;
  6.  Serve immediately !


Here are three ideas to amaze your loved ones! In your turn, share your recipes on social networks and tag us with #RecettesALUVY. To create original dishes with your LULU or MARCEL, discover our recipes for plancha and BBQ.

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