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Technical data sheet of JEAN

JEAN is made in France at our factory in Isère. Stainless and recyclable, this material means you can leave JEAN on your terrace all year round. JEAN is not attached to your barbecue. It can be placed against, to the right and/or left of your barbecue. An air flow has been designed between JEAN and your barbecue to keep heat transmission to a minimum.

  • Dimensions: JEAN measures 88cm high, 64cm wide and 84cm long.
  • Worktop: The worktop is a solid 10mm-thick aluminum plate. This naturally rustproof material is coated with epoxy paint to protect it from the elements for many years to come.
  • Structure: on the outside, JEAN is made of the same aluminum plates as your MARCEL or LULU. Inside, 2 storage spaces allow you to store all your outdoor crockery to protect it from the elements and cook outside all year round. 
  • Weight: JEAN weighs approx. 30 kg.
  • Warranty : JEAN is guaranteed for two years.