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Technical data sheet of LULU

LULU is manufactured in France in our factory located in Isère. The tank and walls are made of cast aluminium. Stainless and recyclable, this material will allow you to leave LULU on your terrace all year round.

 Label CELULU has been approved according to EN 498 by CERTIGAZ and its certificate number is 1312 DM 6534

  • Inclued accessories : you choose to have your LULU delivered with its protective cover or its cooking dome, it's up to you. These 2 accessories are made of stainless steel.
  • Gas : The bottle storage space accepts a maximum 45cm high bottle such as Cube, Twiny, etc. .... LULU works with butane and propane. We recommend propane, the regulator is not included in the package. If you want to buy it, it is here.
  • Power : LULU has 2 independent U-shaped burners, i.e. 4 lines of flames for powerful and uniform cooking. Each line is protected by a stainless steel heat reflector and a dedicated thermocouple that cuts off the gas in case the flame goes out for maximum safety. The total power of LULU is 9.8 kW.
  • Dimensions : LULU measures 95cm high by 60x60cm wide.
  • Cooking surface : it comes with its 2 removable stainless steel grids. They each measure 56x28 cm. That is a large cooking surface of more than 3100 cm2. You can replace one of the 2 half-grills with an ALUVY plancha.
  • Weight : approximately 45kg.
  • Warranty : LULU is guaranteed for two years.