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Amis réunis autour d'une table pour un apéritif sur terrasse en bois avec baie vitrée à côté d'un barbecue marcel gris soie

4 BBQ spots

A BBQ is always a good idea. It is not only an opportunity to enjoy tasty, smoked food, but also to get together with friends and family ! In fact, some parts of France have understood this. It is indeed possible to indulge in the pleasure of BBQ while living unusual experiences. ALUVY takes you to discover these places...

1. At the water's edge

Combining swimming and barbecuing is a pleasure that cannot be refused ! All over France, there are nice spots near rivers or lakes where you can organise barbecues. The only condition is to go to a dedicated area (or at least to be sure that it is not forbidden). This is an opportunity to take LULU or MARCEL for a walk, enjoy a delicious BBQ meal and then go for a dip !


Some ideas in France : the Grand Parc Miribel Jonage, the Val de Seine leisure centre and the dam at Thurins.

2. In a park

Yes, but beware : this is not the case everywhere. In fact, it is forbidden in France "to light a fire within 200 metres of a wooded area". However, there are many spots in leisure centres, parks and estates that provide areas for barbecuing (and this is perfectly legal 😉). To find out where they are, contact your tourist office, which will surely be able to help you !

3. In a public place

In the city, it is not impossible to organise a barbecue, except in the Ile-de-France region where the city BBQ is prohibited. However, some public areas offer spaces to indulge in the sweet pleasures of beautiful grills in all legality. Of course, we couldn't possibly list them all.... If the idea appeals to you, our advice is to call your local tourist office to find out which areas are BBQ Friendly. In Lyon and its surroundings, for example, there are many public areas where you can prepare your grills !


And if one day, you feel like organising a barbecue in your street or on a pavement, note that it is forbidden... unless you have the authorisation. So if you need to cordon off a street for a birthday party or a neighbours' party for the sake of a good BBQ, you'll need permission two months in advance. We're not going to lie to you: depending on the city, there's little chance of success. But you should always dare !

4. And on the balcony?

Why not ! Nothing forbids you to do so, except perhaps the internal regulations of your condominium. Before lighting your BBQ, make sure you have permission to do so. Ideally, make sure it doesn't disturb your neighbours too (or invite them, it will be easier 😜).


To make it easier for you, MARCEL (our charcoal bbq) and LULU (gas, and the one to prefer on your balcony) have a cooking dome to limit fumes and odours. You also have the possibility of cooking on a plancha, for a quick cooking, without smoke or smell !


If you don't have a garden, or would like a different setting for a BBQ, you now have all the best spots !

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