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BBQ VS plancha : the comparison

When it comes to preparing culinary delights, does your stomach swing between the BBQ and the plancha ? At ALUVY, we've already solved the problem, because our LULU and MARCEL offer both cooking methods. But to help you out, we've come up with a little comparison. Here is our little guide.

What to choose between charcoal/gas BBQ or plancha ?

Having trouble deciding ? We have put together the most important arguments for you to know.   

The charcoal/gas BBQ


  •     Heating time

10 to 20 minutes are needed to heat up a charcoal BBQ. Gas barbecues are quicker : 5 to 10 minutes.


  •    Type of cooking

The BBQ is still the best way to cook tender meats at low temperatures... or, on the contrary, large, super-crispy pieces at high temperatures !


  •     Maintenance and space requirements

For charcoal, the tank must be emptied. For gas, the connection and change of the gas cylinder must be taken care of. Its grill must also be cleaned after each use with a special brush to avoid damaging it. But don't worry : we'll give you our best tips here.


As for installation, you can place your device on your terrace or garden. Please note that it is generally forbidden to use it in a condominium because of the fumes... Unless you have a protective cover, as is the case with our LULU and MARCEL.


  •    Prices

The range is very wide. An entry-level gas model ranges from 100€ to 4,000€. A small portable charcoal stove starts at 50€ (and can go up to 1,000€).


  •   Its +

For aficionados of good food, nothing beats the inimitable and authentic taste of charcoal grilled and smoked meat !


The gas plancha


  •    Heating time

The impatient will prefer the plancha : 5 to 10 minutes are enough to start it up.  


  •   Type of cooking

On the plancha, you can prepare a wide variety of sweet and savoury recipes (like those offered by ALUVY 😉 ). However, cooking large pieces of meat is more complicated.


  •    Maintenance and space requirements

The griddle can be cleaned easily, in the sink or in your dishwasher. In terms of space, the plancha is more urban and takes up little room. Since it limits odours and produces less smoke, it can be used on a balcony (if in doubt, check that the neighbour is not bothered).


  •   Prices

A good quality plancha costs around 400€.


  •   Its +

Looking for healthier cooking ? Your heart may be set on the plancha: it can cook EVERYTHING, without adding fat.

Having the best of both worlds in one device

Why do what everyone else does when you can have (much) simpler ? No need to choose between a BBQ or a plancha. Or rather, choose... both ! Our LULU -gas version- and MARCEL -charcoal version- open the field of possibilities with the possibility of cooking on a grill AND on a plancha. With their unique shape and the supplied grids, you can use both cooking modes at the same time. Our accessories allow you to prepare a wide variety of recipes : meats, pizzas, woks, fruits and vegetables... Everything is possible. All with easy cleaning in the sink or dishwasher. Isn't life great ?


As a reminder, our barbecues are made and pampered in France, in our factories in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. At ALUVY, we use recycled aluminium, a responsible, resistant and rust-free material. We use a stainless steel griddle for our griddles and a cast iron plancha, which is both robust and easy to clean, also made in France.


Do you prefer cooking on a grill or on a plancha ? Heat up your creativity, share your culinary achievements on social networks and tag us ! We'll be delighted to see your photos !

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