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Nettoyage facile avec chiffon microfibre sur plancha aluvy made in france compatible avec lulu et marcel

How to clean your plancha properly ? Here are our tips

At ALUVY, we'd rather spend time enjoying (and treating) our loved ones than cleaning the griddles. And just as well : our LULU and MARCEL are compatible with a removable plancha. What does this mean ? The possibility of varying the culinary pleasures and cleaning is easy and simple. In fact, here are our tips for cleaning your plancha in just a few minutes.

Cold : in the sink, or better still, in the dishwasher 

Our plancha (made in France !) has a unique shape. Not only does it allow you to use two cooking methods at the same time, but it also takes up less space than a standard plancha. You can easily clean it in your sink with washing up liquid and warm water. Or simply pop it in your dishwasher and run a cycle. The chore of cleaning is now a distant memory !


Our tip : if your plancha is too dirty, pour baking soda on your damp griddle. For gentle cleaning that won't scratch your enamelled cast iron plate, our ALUVY brush is a must-have.


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Cleaning your plancha while hot : what works

If you don't want to wait, you can clean your plancha while it is still hot. The easiest way :


  •   Pour warm water over it before the griddle cools down. When it's hot, this makes it easy to remove any sticky residue. Then you can simply remove it with your brush. And that's it, your baking tray is ready for the next recipe !
  •   You can also use white vinegar at the end of the cooking process. Its advantage : it deodorises at the same time, which is useful after cooking strong-tasting food such as fish or shellfish.


Good to know : you may have read (or heard) that ice cubes, or cold water, are effective for cleaning a hot plancha because of the thermal shock. But it can also damage the griddle. For the plancha of your LULU or MARCEL, a little warm water is more than enough !

Long life to your plancha !

The plancha of your ALUVY BBQ is made of enamelled cast iron. This choice is not insignificant : this material is resistant, extremely easy and fast to clean, and allows a multitude of cooking without fat. To ensure a very long life (and many convivial moments), remember to protect it from the elements.


Cold, wind, insects : in any season, protect your plancha by simply covering it with your protective cover. And if some dust accumulates, wipe it down with white vinegar and it's done !

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