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Gas or charcoal : make the right BBQ choice

In the ALUVY family, we have LULU the gas BBQ, and MARCEL, his charcoal sidekick. Although they are fuelled by two different fuels, they both have many similarities. Starting with their recycled aluminium material, their versatility between BBQ and plancha, and their vitaminized and colourful design. Are you hesitating between gas or coal? We'll help you see more clearly.  

Choose LULU, the gas BBQ 

LULU opens up the field of the possible with ease and works with a propane cylinder, which does not freeze even at sub-zero temperatures. Its advantages? Speed and precision. You don't have to prepare the embers: all you have to do is press a button and the magic happens. It then rises to temperature quickly and has two adjustable thermostats. Heavier or softer cooking: you adjust the heating power according to your preferences. 

Even better, LULU can be accompanied by a variety of accessories to awaken your culinary creativity. With the dome, for example, you can stew for healthy, melt-in-your-mouth meat indoors. 


Gas especially for :
Impatient gourmets who want to control their cooking with precision.


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… Or MARCEL, the charcoal BBQ 

Nothing beats the incomparable taste of smoked and charcoal grilled meats! Real Proust madeleines, they remind us of the beautiful days, the BBQ of our childhood, the smell of smoke and the soft melody of the crackling coal. With MARCEL you are sure to find authentic flavours, with the inimitable taste... of real BBQ.

To enjoy slower cooking, you can use an indirect cooking mode. And with our stone you can even make delicious pizzas! No need to look any further: the best pizza will be at home.  
Also, preheating is slower than with a gas BBQ. However, it is above all the opportunity to wait around for an aperitif... 😉 And with its baking dome, you save time when the temperature rises. 


Coal, especially for :
Aficionados of the taste of authenticity who want to take advantage of a variety of cooking methods (direct and indirect).  


Whatever your choice, LULU and MARCEL will accompany you for convivial moments and tasty recipes. Lightweight, space-saving, resistant, easy to clean, made in France... The list of advantages is long. Discover them by yourself !

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