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Equipe aluvy avec le fondateur - travail pour lancement des précommandes dès janvier 2021 - dessin des prototypes

Pre-orders launched... Here we go!

The launch of pre-orders, which accompanies the release of the first version of our online website, is a first step and an important milestone for ALUVY.

We have been working on our project since May 2020 and for the moment, this work has been done in the "back office", hidden from view. Launching our website means lifting the veil on all the work we've been doing for over 7 months and we hope you'll enjoy it too. Let's jump into the water ! :) 

A lot has happened in 7 months ! And if the year 2020 has been an "annus horribilis" in many ways, it has never diminished our motivation to move forward with our project. We are determined to bring you our designer BBQ in the spring of 2021 and allow you to unleash your inner freedom with products that look like no other!

There is still a lot of work to be done before we can deliver the very first copies of our LULU and MARCEL and their accessories to our customers.

But we are proud of the first prototypes. We are going to continue to refine them and we think that mass production can really start in mid-March. This series production will allow the definitive certification of our collection (CE Certification) and therefore its official launch on the market.

This launch of pre-orders is therefore important for the team for several reasons:

  • first of all, to make sure that you like our products as much as we do. If your first comments on the networks warm our hearts, pre-orders will allow us to feel your support even more concretely, 
  • Then it will allow us to understand which models have the most potential. They will influence our logistical organisation, particularly in terms of painting, and our assembly line. Indeed, and you probably know this if you follow us, our objective is to work as much as possible in just-in-time, so as not to over-stock and avoid creating unnecessary waste. This is our model, these are our values, but we have to start the process,
  • Finally, it will be an opportunity to start a dialogue with our customers, understand their expectations and start to develop ALUVY with them. Our brand will grow and transform with its customers. We look forward to getting to know you!

To thank you for helping us to put all this in place, and to wait until spring 2021, we are offering you a launch offer and an exceptional discount of 300 € on our LULU and MARCEL models. The word "exceptional" is not too strong as our prices are calculated as accurately as possible, ALUVY will never make any promotions or sales. 

As you can see, the launch of pre-orders is both a culmination and a beginning.  We will regularly give you news of the adventure on this blog and on social networks.

Jean-Pierre, founder of ALUVY.

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