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Electric or gas plancha: our opinion

The griddle is a very popular outdoor cooking utensil. Easy to use, it allows you to cook a multitude of foods in a healthy way, without adding fat. Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables... Everything goes! But between electric and gas griddles, you don't know which to choose.  At ALUVY, we already have an opinion. We share it with you here!


The electric griddle : yes but... 

We're not going to lie to you, the electric griddle offers its share of advantages. The first is that it can be used outdoors AND indoors, on a balcony or terrace, but also in your veranda or kitchen. The electric griddle fits into small spaces : it is therefore the ideal appliance for city dwellers. 


As far as lighting is concerned, you should allow about 12 minutes to reach 250°C. The thermostat setting is generally precise and easy to control. The downside is that this appliance needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet. You lose the advantage of being able to move it around your garden or terrace at your convenience (unless you have an extension cord, but that's not the most practical thing...). 


The plancha with your gas barbecue: the best solution? 

Simple, practical, space-saving... In the end, these advantages can also be found for a gas griddle. With a few small differences, which make us prefer the latter:

- the time of rise in temperature is faster thanks to the burners: count approximately 8 minutes to reach the 250°C;

- You can use your griddle in the open air independently thanks to the gas bottle that is placed directly in the device. 


Moreover, although the plancha offers many advantages, it does not replace the pleasure of cooking on a grill and the taste of food prepared on the barbecue. For this reason, we decided to combine these two cooking methods - plancha and BBQ - into a versatile and iconoclastic appliance: LULU.


In addition to being beautiful (that counts), our gas barbecue has two grills. Why? To make it easier to clean (that counts too), but above all to allow you to open up the possibilities of cooking on a barbecue grill AND on a plancha.


Everything is combined in one appliance to cook an infinite number of recipes and let your imagination run wild. If you dreamed of being able to cook a rib of beef on the BBQ on the one hand, and shellfish on the plancha on the other, it is now possible. The icing on the cake: our enamelled cast iron plancha is made in France.

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