Made in France


An industrial and digital company, a human adventure.

2 of ALUVY's founders are specialists in aluminium casting. This technique consists of melting aluminium ingots and pouring the metal, which has become liquid, into custom-made moulds. This group has been in existence since 2001. It is organised in 4 production sites: 2 in France, 1 in Portugal and 1 in Tunisia. The group's head office is based in Isère (38).

All the aluminium parts of our BBQ were manufactured by the group. But the BBQ are not only made of aluminium.


The plastic parts, mainly LULU control parts, were designed and manufactured by a partner based in the neighbouring Rhône department. This partner helped us to select a recyclable plastic that is resistant both to wear and tear and to weather conditions. The parts are then entrusted to a company based in the Ain department for painting.

Only the LULU gas-related components (the 2 valves and the 2 burners) are produced outside Europe. They were designed for ALUVY by a gas specialist partner based in China. Indeed, the very specific design of our BBQ required a custom-made heating system. Today it is very difficult to find this kind of expertise in France and even in Europe.

All of these pieces definitely become a LULU or a MARCEL BBQ in our factory based in Isère.
To avoid overproduction, we only start manufacturing once a customer's order has been registered. Operators assemble the parts following an assembly cycle which is still very manual but which allows us to produce around 100 BBQ per month. It is in this factory that all orders are prepared and shipped throughout France and soon in Europe.