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How clean SAM

In order to take good care of your SAM, here are a few cleaning tips: 

  • The tank : This is made of aluminum. It should therefore be cleaned with a non-alkaline (or weakly alkaline) product and a sponge or wire brush. Like the one we sell in our accessories department.

  • The pretty colored walls, the foot : these parts are also made of aluminum. They should therefore be cleaned with a product that is not (or only slightly) alkaline. We recommend our Ecolabel degreaser, which is both effective and environmentally friendly. Take a microfiber cloth and gently rub the plates to remove any stains.

Caution : Do not use a wire brush on painted parts (lid, cooking dome, handles, control plate and knobs, etc.) to avoid damaging the paint. A sponge or microfiber cloth is best for cleaning.