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Technical data sheet of SAM

SAM is made in France at our factory in Isère. The tank, outer walls and feet are made of cast aluminum. Stainless and recyclable, this material means you can leave SAM on your terrace all year round. 

  • Accessory included : your SAM comes with a protective cover. It too is made in France and offers protection against the elements (rain, wind etc...).
  • Dimensions : SAM low measures 53 cm high by 60x60cm wide. SAM high measures 93 cm high by 60x60cm wide.
  • Cooking surface:SAM comes with a double stainless-steel plancha to enjoy the warmth of the fire while benefiting from an easy-to-clean 15 cm-wide surface. This cooking surface can be enlarged using our barbecue grates (not included).
  • Ash tray : a stainless steel tray makes it easy to empty the ashes at the end of cooking. Accessible via a magnetic hatch, it is sturdy and easy to handle.
  • Customization: "Original" or "Basalt" handles can be added to make moving your brazier easier (not included). 
  • Weight : approx. 30kg.
  • Warranty : SAM comes with a two-year warranty.