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Téléphone mobile avec filtre instagram et facebook en réalité augmentée pour choisir un barbecue adapté aux attentes - barbecue charbon marcel vert réséda sur terrasse en bois

LULU & MARCEL in your garden, in augmented reality !

Can't decide between the Sunflower and the Aquasplash for your ALUVY design barbecue ? Would you like to know which colour would go best with your garden furniture ? Can't decide between MARCEL and LULU ? Go to the social networks ! 

See MARCEL or LULU in your home as if it were there

While you're waiting to enjoy a tasty cooking on MARCEL and LULU in your garden, on your terrace or balcony, admire them virtually ! We have launched an augmented reality filter, available on Instagram and Facebook, to help you make the right choice and select the ideal barbecue colour for your outdoor area. 

You can test MARCEL or LULU in all their colours, try out different locations and orient them as you like to admire them from every angle. You can even capture the moment and share it with your friends on social networks.


And if you are still hesitating between a gas and a charcoal barbecue, we give you our advice on our blog !


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How to use the filter ?

If you want to use our filter, nothing could be easier, here are the steps to follow :  

  • First of all, go to your Instagram or Facebook account (this is the opportunity to create one 😉) ;
  • Once on the platform, go to our ALUVY Design page ; 
  • In the menu above the front page stories, swipe to go to our filters (in other words, click on this icon (insert photo) ;
  • Then select our filter and click "Try".  


The fun part begins !

  • Choose LULU or MARCEL, and have fun with their colours ;
  • Place and move it wherever you want. You can also change its orientation and see it from all angles !

For more fun, save the filter to your favourites and access it faster every day! To do this, click on the little "validate" icon at the bottom of the screen when you select the ALUVY filter. It will then be displayed directly when you want to make a story. Nice, isn't it ?


We can't wait to discover your terraces and gardens with MARCEL and LULU! Tag us when you publish your stories or send us your best photos by email to hello@aluvy-design.com !

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