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The best covering for a plancha : cast iron or stainless steel ?

A plancha, it's good, but with a good covering, it's better ! You don't know which type of plancha to choose to prepare good food? Don't worry : ALUVY explains the difference between cast iron and stainless steel and helps you make the best decision. We don't mess around with good cooking ! 

The stainless steel plancha : the plancha for professionals 

When we talk about stainless steel plancha, we are referring to 2 types of plancha : the stainless steel plancha - the plate is covered with a thin layer of chrome - and the hard chrome one. This type of coating is resistant and allows good heat diffusion. Its main advantage ? Its long lifespan and ease of maintenance. 

For these reasons, catering professionals love it. But it is not without its drawbacks: the stainless steel plancha is thick, heavy, dirty, expensive and easily scratched. If you're looking for a high-quality plancha to prepare good food outdoors, the simplest (and cheapest) option is to turn to a cast iron plancha.


The cast iron plancha: which choice is the smartest?

Cast iron plancha, yes, but beware: there are several types of cast iron :

-   simple cast iron ;

-  cast aluminium ;

-   enamelled cast iron.

And not all of them have the same advantages. The simple cast iron one, for example, is the cheapest. On the other hand, it is fragile, oxidises quickly and is sensitive to shocks. Not to mention its relatively heavy weight and the fact that food clings to it more easily. In short, it is an economical solution for rare uses. But if you're looking for a quality plancha, go ahead. 

Cast aluminium, on the other hand, is often associated with Teflon. It is an excellent thermal conductor. Its main defect ? It tends to deform with heat and must be cleaned with great care.

Finally, the best coating to overcome the above-mentioned defects is enamelled cast iron. Enamel offers total protection against oxidation and avoids cracks. The results : a solid and smooth plancha, where food does not cling, and above all, easy to clean. On the cooking side, you won't be disappointed: this type of coating guarantees a stable, uniform and strong temperature.

This is why our plancha, an accessory that complements your LULU or MARCEL, is made of enamelled cast iron. Since we never skimp on quality, we have preferred to guarantee you an accessory of the best possible quality, for ever more successful dishes. All made and pampered with love in France.

(By the way, many of you share your à la plancha recipes on our social networks!) Post all your best ideas and tag us! For more inspiration, also discover our original BBQ recipes.

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