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Ingrédients pour marinade de poulet cuit au barbecue sur table avec huile vinaigre sel poivre et épices à côté d'un rondin de bois

BBQ chicken marinade: 4 easy recipes

When it comes to barbecuing, there are two teams: those in a hurry, who grill their chicken pieces on LULU or MARCEL without waiting, and the more patient cooks, who spice them up with a delicious homemade marinade to give them maximum flavour. To make your grilled chicken as tasty as you want it without spending hours on it, ALUVY has come up with 4 bold and easy homemade marinade recipes ! 

The fruity marinade

A colourful and fruity combination that the whole family will love ! Prepare skewers with pieces of chicken, pineapple and peppers. Then mix in a bowl :

- juice and zest of 2 oranges ;

- 2 onions, chopped ;

- 4 tbsp. soy sauce ;

- 2 tbsp. honey ;

- 2 tsp. rice vinegar.


Marinate for at least 2 hours, then grill them on your grill (or plancha). Enjoy !


The spicy marinade 

A simple but effective recipe for chilli lovers ! For this muy caliente marinade, prepare together :

- 1 chilli pepper, cut into slices ;

- 2 teaspoons Espelette pepper ;

- 2 tbsp. olive oil;

- Salt and pepper.


The ALUVY secret : we like our recipes tasty and surprising. For a mix that will surprise your guests, try this barbecue chicken marinade with the same ingredients and then add... a teaspoon of cocoa (without sugar). Chilli and chocolate go very well together. Who do you think will succeed in becoming that secret ingredient ?

Greek marinade 

The Greek marinade is milder this time and ideal for soft meat:

- 2 cloves of garlic, minced ;

- 2 Greek yoghurts;

- 1 tbsp. paprika;

- 1 tbsp. cumin

- 1 tbsp. oregano;

- 4 tbsp. lemon juice;

- Parsley (or coriander), salt and pepper.


A recipe that will please young and old alike !


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The American BBQ sauce marinade

An absolutely di-vine marinade that you will definitely be asked for again ! It consists of :

- 1 cup of ketchup ;

- 2 tbsp. wine vinegar ;

- 1 tbsp. mustard ;

- 2 tbsp. sugar (or 1 tsp. honey) ;

- 1 onion, chopped ;

- 1 clove of garlic, minced ;

- pepper.


You can add Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, lemon juice or paprika if you like !



Would you like to try one of our BBQ chicken marinades ? You can also find our other recipes for homemade marinades, to be cooked with chicken, but also with pork, fish, beef and even fruit! Surprise us with your own by sharing your photos and ideas on our social networks !

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