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Viande avec marinade faite maison sur planche en bois - rondelles de citron vert

BBQ recipes : 3 marinades from elsewhere !

What better way to enhance the taste of your grilled meats than with a delicious homemade marinade ? It adds flavour to any kind of meat - chicken, beef, pork, lamb, etc. - and is a great addition to any grill. - and brings a unique flavour to your BBQ dishes. And for vegetarians, it's just as tasty with vegetables and tofu. For a change from everyday life, ALUVY offers you 3 original marinade ideas inspired from the four corners of the world !

Korean marinade

Very popular in the Land of Quiet Mornings, the Korean marinade offers a unique sesame flavour. Koreans love it with marinated and grilled beef (bulgogi), but you can also prepare it with pork and chicken ! And to treat your guests to your recipes, serve your dish with rice and a good cold beer. Success guaranteed ! 

To prepare it, mix in a bowl :

-   6 tablespoons of soy sauce ;

-   3 tbsp. sesame oil ;

-   2 tbsp. sugar ;

-   2 tbsp. toasted sesame seeds ;

-   1 tbsp. flour ;

-   One green onion and two chopped cloves of garlic ;

-   Black pepper. 

Marinate your pieces of meat for at least 2 hours. Ideally, refrigerate them for 6 to 8 hours, or overnight..


ALUVY's tip : to make the meat more tender, add grated Asian pear (found in Asian grocery shops) or kiwi fruit. And if, like the Koreans, you like your meat spicy, add a tablespoon of "gochujang", a red pepper paste, to your marinade.

The Brazilian marinade 

This is THE marinade that will make your grills sing! We offer you a recipe with spices popular in Brazil, for a unique and spicy flavour. To do this, take a large bowl and mix together :

-   4 cloves of garlic ;

-   1 bay leaf ;

-   2 tbsp. paprika ;

-   1 tbsp. cumin ;

-   1 tbsp. cayenne pepper ;

-   4 tbsp. olive oil ;

-   4 tbsp. red wine ;

-   4 tbsp. red wine vinegar ;

-   Salt and pepper. 

Cayenne pepper being strong, we advise you to adjust the quantity according to your desires (and your resistance).


The Moroccan marinade 

If the previous recipes go well with any piece of red or white meat, we have also thought of fish fillet lovers ! To make them more tasty, a Moroccan marinade (chermoula) with harissa will make your taste buds quiver. Mix in a salad bowl :

-   a cup of olive oil ;

-   3 cloves of garlic, chopped ;

-   chopped parsley ;

-   some coriandre ;

-   1 teaspoon of cumin ;

-   1 teaspoon paprika ;

-   1 teaspoon of harissa (adjust according to your resistance) ;

-    1 teaspoon ground ginger ;

-   salt and pepper ;

-   1 tablespoon lemon juice. 


Marinate as you wish with cod, sole, sea bream or sardines. To accompany your fish fillets, prepare a dish of lentils or a delicious salad of grilled vegetables. Enjoy your meal !


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Explore new flavours with your LULU or MARCEL thanks to our recipes inspired from elsewhere ! You may also have original marinade ideas to share with us... Tag us on social networks so we can share them with you ! And for even more original dishes, discover our BBQ and plancha recipes.

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