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BBQ : vine shoots or charcoal ?

With MARCEL, you have the possibility to make tasty charcoal dishes. But have you thought about vine shoots ? Durable and environmentally friendly, this fuel offers the same flavours on the BBQ as charcoal. What to choose for greener grilling ? ALUVY offers you a small comparison.

The vine shoot : the eco-friendly choice for its BBQ

The vine shoot is the small green branch that grows each year on the vines before being pruned. Instead of being thrown away, it is often used to decorate balconies... or to prepare delicious BBQs. Also called vine branches, this fuel is 100% natural, as it is not transformed. Its advantage ? It is not carbonised, unlike charcoal.

In terms of performance, it produces flames and strong heat very quickly, but also burns for a shorter time. It is therefore an ideal choice for a quick barbecue or a quick BBQ on the go. Little tip : to avoid pesticides, choose organic. 


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Charcoal : a polluting fuel ?   

Contrary to popular belief, charcoal is not necessarily more polluting. In fact, it is often waste from sawmills that do not require any treatment. And when it is used, it only releases the CO2 accumulated by the wood during its lifetime.

This fuel is therefore a recyclable product and meets ecological standards, provided it is purchased made in France or labelled FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes). Its other advantage? It is sold everywhere and is easy to store. In short: if you hesitate to buy charcoal for ecological reasons, here's a good way to give it back its letters of nobility... and save you from having to worry about the eco-remarks.

Vine shoots or charcoal for your embers ? It doesn't matter : if your fuel is well chosen, you can enjoy your barbecue responsibly. In both cases, you can be sure to find a unique smoky taste for your food and that nostalgic smell of charcoal BBQ. All while enjoying beautiful moments of conviviality around the flames ! 


ALUVY's advice : For a greener BBQ, it's not only the fuel that counts ! You can also :

-   choose organic, fair trade or Label Rouge meat ;

-   use non-disposable crockery ;

-   collect twigs and pine cones which make perfect firelighters. You can also choose products made from recycled, odourless and non-toxic wood ;

-   vary the pleasures by offering your loved ones many dishes other than red meat. With MARCEL, you can prepare original recipes, from starter to dessert, thanks to our grill and plancha. It's the opportunity to enjoy it !


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