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Brochettes de viande et de légumes grillées sur un barbecue au charbon Marcel sunflower

How to choose your plancha : we help you

The plancha offers the possibility of cooking without fat, at high temperature, with all types of food. Fruit, vegetables, meat, shellfish... For cooks, it is an opportunity to prepare original recipes, other than with a BBQ grill. But how to choose the right plancha ? On what criteria should you base your choice ?

Electric or gas plancha ?

It's the big debate : between electric or gas plancha, which energy mode to choose ? If the electric plancha is a practical and space-saving choice (especially for cooking indoors or on a balcony), the gas plancha remains the preferred choice for outdoor use. Its advantage ? It heats up very quickly, maintains a high level of heat throughout the cooking process and consumes less energy than an electric plancha. In your garden or on your terrace, you don't have to look for an outlet (or extension cord) to plug it in : a gas bottle is all you need.


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Which coating for your plancha ?

Steel, hard chrome, cast iron, stainless steel... When it comes to coatings, there is no shortage of choice. Our preference ? Enamelled cast iron. Unlike simple cast iron or aluminium, it is resistant and extremely easy to clean. Enamel offers protection against oxidation and prevents cracks over time. It is the perfect compromise between simple cast iron, which is too fragile, and aluminium cast iron, which tends to deform over time.


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How big is your plancha ? 

The choice of the size of your plancha depends on your real needs. In general, up to 6 guests, a 30 to 50 cm plancha is more than sufficient. Other sizes are available, but beware : they also take up more space. We recommend planchas mounted on legs or a trolley : they have the advantage of being easy to move.

The BBQ with plancha : the ultimate solution !

In the end, why choose if you can combine the pleasure of barbecued food with that cooked on a plancha ? At ALUVY, we want to open up the field of culinary possibilities and give you the choice. With LULU, on gas, or MARCEL, on charcoal, you can alternate cooking on the BBQ and on the plancha... or have both at the same time ! No constraints, only pleasure : you are free to try out an infinite number of recipes. And if you want to break the rules and offer original dishes to bring your friends and family together, discover all our recipes.


Our plancha is an accessory that completes the grill of your LULU or MARCEL. Designed and pampered with love by one of our French partners, it is made of enamelled cast iron. A practical and space-saving format, a durable and easy-to-clean material, all made in France... Finally, you don't need to look far to choose your plancha. And to protect it from bad weather or cold, our protective lid is your best ally.

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