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Magret de canard cuit au barbecue sur planche de bois avec sauce et petites plantes

How to make a successful duck breast on the BBQ ? The ultimate method !

Pink and tender at the core, with a fatty and slightly crunchy side... Duck breast is a choice dish that appeals to the whole family. In fact, it is not for nothing that it was elected "France's favourite dish" ! And prepared with LULU or MARCEL, it will have an incomparable taste. To prepare your duck breast on the BBQ successfully, discover our recipes. 

Step 1 : prepare your piece of meat  

To make a success of your barbecued duck breast recipe, the meat must be at room temperature. Take your duck breast out of the refrigerator about an hour before preparing it. Then, using a knife, make a grid pattern on the skin side without cutting into the meat.


All you have to do is season with your favourite ingredients : coarse salt, chilli, garlic, onion, olive oil... Let your taste buds do the talking. And if you run out of ideas, try one of our homemade marinade recipes !

Step 2 : achieve the perfect cooking of your duck breast on the BBQ

When you start cooking, place your duck breast near the edge of the grill, far enough away from the heat source. The aim is to get a golden, crispy side, but not burnt ! Next :

  1.  Place your duck breast fat side down on the grill over high heat for about 10 minutes ;
  2.  Once the skin is nicely browned, turn it over to the flesh side and sear for about 5 minutes ;
  3.  Then turn it over again and continue cooking skin side down for another 5 minutes.

Normally, the cooking is finished. If the inside is still too rare, cover with your cooking dome and cook one last time for 5 minutes on the least hot part of the grill. Then leave it to rest for a few minutes so that the juices can spread through the meat. All you have to do now is cut into beautiful pink slices !


ALUVY's tip : don't prick your duck breast so as not to lose its delicious juices. To turn it over with love and delicacy, we recommend our tongs or spatula. Great allies for preparing your favourite BBQ dishes!

Step 2 (bis) : Duck breast a la plancha

Thanks to LULU and MARCEL, you can also cook your duck breast à la plancha ! Unlike most recipes that start at high temperature, here is a slightly different, but extremely tasty method :

  1.  Place the duck breast fat side down on the cold plancha ;
  2.  Cook for 20 minutes at low temperature. You will see the fat slowly melting... ;
  3.  Remove the meat and add coarse salt on the flesh side ;
  4.  Turn up your BBQ to high heat and cook and brown the duck breast on the flesh side for 2 minutes (or more depending on your cooking preferences).


Duck breast, prime rib... So many choice pieces of meat that will make all your friends and family agree ! And for an unforgettable meal, here are some ideas for original side dishes. It's your turn to share your best dishes with our ALUVY community by sharing your posts on our social medias !

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