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Barbecue marcel charbon jaune sunflower avec côté grille et côté plancha dans jardin avec terrasse en bois - photo rognée

Choose the plancha for your BBQ

For a convivial outdoor kitchen, should you choose a plancha or a BBQ ? It's always the eternal dilemma when it comes to choosing your appliance. At ALUVY, we prefer to have the freedom to choose. With LULU and MARCEL you don't have to make a choice : our barbecues can both be equipped with a plancha for BBQ. Now you can cook on a plancha and on a grill at the same time !

Why choose a plancha for barbecue ? 

Cooking on a plancha offers many advantages. Firstly, it allows you to prepare healthy dishes with little (or no) fat. Secondly, it allows you to concoct numerous recipes with a variety of foods : fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, shellfish, etc. The reason we like it so much is simply that it allows us to cook healthy and tasty dishes while taking advantage of cooking that preserves the taste of the food and its nutritional benefits.


But... the plancha does not replace the incomparable smoky taste of barbecue cooking. A unique flavour that is difficult (if not impossible) to give up, especially when it comes to preparing delicious grilled food ! In the garden, the BBQ is still the undisputed king.


So why compromise when you can enjoy both ? The smartest choice is to invest in an appliance that combines the best of both worlds : cooking on the BBQ AND on a plancha thanks to the plancha for barbecue. A BBQ like LULU or MARCEL, for example 😉 Thanks to them, your culinary creativity has no limits : from the starter to the dessert, the field of possibilities is infinite.


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The ALUVY BBQ griddle to vary the culinary pleasures !

Our LULU gas and MARCEL charcoal barbecues are delivered with 2 removable stainless steel grills. To complete them, we propose a plancha for barbecue in our range of accessories.


Made of enamelled cast iron, our beautiful plancha is durable and easy to clean. With it, you are free to choose between cooking only on the plancha, or to enjoy both cooking processes by preparing your dishes on your grill AND on your plancha at the same time. This way, for example, you can make delicious prime rib on one side and tasty fruit skewers on the other.


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The choice of enamelled cast iron is not insignificant. Thanks to this material, our accessory is resistant, very easy to wash and prevents food from sticking to the plate. All this while ensuring an even distribution of heat for more successful and easier to prepare dishes. The icing on the cake: our griddle is made and pampered in France.


At ALUVY, we have no shortage of ideas to offer you ever more original, convivial and festive dishes. With your plancha or your BBQ grill, discover our recipes that break the codes! Share yours on our social networks too: we enjoy your dishes prepared with LULU and MARCEL.

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