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Dorade cuite au barbecue sur table bois avec couverts en argent et verre - accompagnement citron, thym, coriande

Our tips for cooking sea bream on the BBQ

On the BBQ, it is impossible to resist an exquisite sea bream. With its light smoky taste and fragrant flesh, it will thrill the taste buds of young and old alike ! What's more, it's a light and nutritious dish that can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings. To successfully cook your sea bream on your LULU or MARCEL, ALUVY offers you its recipe and some tips to know.

How to cook your sea bream successfully on the BBQ ? 

You can prepare the sea bream directly on the grill or in a foil. It's up to you to let your desires speak for themselves !

  •    On the grill

When you buy your sea bream, ask your fishmonger to remove the meat. This will save you time ! However, if you plan to cook it directly on your grill, keep the scales on : on the BBQ, they will protect its delicate flesh during cooking.


Ready to cook ? Make sure the grill is well cleaned. If not, our cleaning brush will be your best ally. Now all you have to do is cook your fish! Here are the steps to follow :

-   rinse your sea bream and fill the inside with your favourite ingredients ;

-   heat your LULU or MARCEL over medium heat and oil the grill with soaked paper towels ;

-   place your sea bream on the grill and cook for about 6 to 10 minutes on each side. Turn it over gently with our spatula and tongs ;

-   check its doneness by pricking it with a toothpick or slightly loosening its flesh with a fork.

Once ready, place it on a dish and serve hot !

  •   In a foil

With this cooking method, remove the scales beforehand (or ask your fishmonger for this small service). Brush your sea bream with olive oil and add the ingredients of your choice. Finally, wrap it in a few sheets of aluminium foil and close it carefully.


Turn on the LULU or MARCEL to high heat and cook for 3 to 7 minutes (depending on thickness) on each side, checking for doneness. Serve hot !


ALUVY's culture minute

The spelling of "sea bream" and "sea bream" are often confused. The first refers to the royal sea bream (rare and rather expensive) and the second to the grey sea bream.


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What should I use to garnish the barbecued sea bream ?

Before putting your sea bream on the grill, garnish the inside (instead of the entrails) to flavour the meat. Here are some ideas for garnishes, to choose from according to your taste :

-   slices of lemon ;

-   sprigs of thyme ;

-   sprigs of fennel ;

-   sage leaves ;

-   flat-leaf parsley ;

-   finely chopped garlic cloves ;

-   coriander ;

-   slices of tomato.


If you choose to cook in papillotes, here are some additional ingredients to add that go well together :

-   white wine ;

-   fresh cream ;

-   onions, garlic ;

-   cherry tomatoes ;

-   Espelette pepper.


With this recipe for barbecued sea bream, it's an opportunity to let your creativity run wild by daring to make bold combinations. At ALUVY, we love recipes that are out of the ordinary, tasty and full of freedom. To discover all our ideas, take a look at our blog or visit our social networks. Enjoy your meal !

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